Strategy & Planning

Strategy requires taking the time to analyze your business and the market, forming a focused vision, then crystallizing this into achievable goals. The plan includes the tactics and schedule to reach those goals. If you find yourself in a position where you need some advice on an important IT issue you are dealing with, call Crown Point Solutions today. Over the years, our clients have trusted us with very sensitive business matters and we have helped them make the right call time and time again. We know that a business strategy in alignment with a well-thought-out IT strategy can lead to higher return on investment, new revenue opportunities, and lower costs over the long term.

Strategic Internet Consulting

Launch an online business, refine your existing plan, or give your website a refreshing new look to better compete in the online marketplace.

IT Project Planning

From initial vision to final implementation, a good plan is essential in getting the job done right. We can provide a mix of consulting and outsourcing to manage IT projects from start to finish.

E-Commerce Consulting

Discuss e-commerce issues specific to your business or industry, including how to streamline business processes and how to increase return on investment.

Decision Support

The rapid pace of technology change combined with dynamic business climates can challenge even the most seasoned executives in making informed decisions. When you need information to justify that you are making a good decision, or when you need relevant data to make a sound decision, we’re there to support you. We draw from past experience and extensive research; nothing pleases us more than seeing our clients prosper. Sound advice from experienced technology professionals at the right time in the planning cycle can help companies gain a competitive advantage now and well into the future. The consultants at Crown Point Solutions excel in bridging the divide that often exists between business and technology planning.

Data Analysis

Because we want to know we’ve helped your business improve, we believe your business and technology efforts should be constantly measured and analyzed. We start with a baseline and a goal, and an understanding of how you’ll know when that goal is achieved. Once we know how to measure it and how to value it we can determine the success of that goal. For modern business, that process is iterative, rather than simply linear. Ongoing measurement and analysis allows one to make course adjustments as necessary. That includes analyzing reports from Google Analytics and Google Ads for actionable insights.

Business Intelligence

Beyond analyzing data, an business intelligence approach can help you find actionable insights with which to make informed business decisions.

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