E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions are tailored to your specific products and customers. E-commerce is more than an online catalog with a shopping cart. It is a virtual storefront that typically needs as much attention as a physical location, especially if it is the primary revenue generator for a business. E-commerce starts with quality products and services that require promotion to draw people in. Once customers arrive, they need to be persuaded to make the purchase. At that point, fulfillment and customer service come into play, as does potential integration with inventory management and accounting software. Since you really want that customer to come back and buy from you again, e-commerce should be closely integrated with other marketing activities.

Online Store Setup

CPS can implement an online product catalog, shopping cart, secure credit card transactions, and links to shipping and order fulfillment processes. We have recently worked with AbleCommerce, nopCommerce, NODUS, and Shopify, and can help you decide on the best e-commerce platform for your online business.

Consulting & Advisory

We have experience and expertise with e-commerce, and can help you start a new online store or improve an existing one. We will help you figure out what solution what technically meet your goals. We also will advise you on strategies for promoting your store, because it's not enough to have a store. One needs to have pathways to get people to your store, and then convince to buy.

Cloud-Hosted Solution

A cloud-hosted solution is a platform like Shopify. They manage the payment processing and security for their platforms, which puts most of the risk and compliance costs on their end. Their templates and content management allow one to get up and running fairly quickly using a domain of your choice. We can help configure and manage, and advise on how to get people to your e-commerce website.

Dedicated Server Solution

While cloud-hosted solutions are good for many product offerings, there are businesses that have unique product requirements, or who otherwise want more control over their e-commerce solution than a cloud-hosted solution gives them. Platforms like Shopify have many useful features, but they also have many limitations, and may not offer the type of web presentation or features that you desire. That's where you should consider a dedicated server solution, another area where we have experience. This involves subscribing to a dedicated server and acquiring e-commerce software, which we can then customize per requirements we agree on. For some clients, this is the path to long-term success.

Payment System Integration

We can integrate, support and maintain third-party payment solutions such as Authorize.Net and PayPal.

Application Integration

Perhaps you already have a website, contact database, accounting software, and most of the other pieces of the puzzle. But can all these applications talk with one another? Can your e-commerce website automatically track orders and inventory through your accounting system? We can streamline your business by integrating your software applications.

Database Integration

Do you have multiple databases in different departments or on different platforms? We can make your business more efficient and save you money over the long-term by conslidating these databases or creating a means of data interchange between them.

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